Christchurch Crete is a Christian Fellowship offering an English speaking Church service to all people living on or visiting Crete.  We welcome people of all ages, backgrounds and all denominations.

We meet at Tavronitis, Tebla, North West Crete – at the top of the hill near the main highway – under the Pergola outside the Greek Orthodox Chapel and inside the Chapel during inclement weather. Services are held every Sunday at 10:30 am


English Speaking Church Services in North West Crete

How to Find Us


To see the conversion of Crete and to bring all people to maturity in Christ.


To introduce each person to the love of Jesus and to provide an environment in which their spiritual life can grow and to build a foundation on which their relationship with God can develop and mature.


To welcome & value all people.

To encourage growth in the Christian Life

To develop personal relationships with the Lord and each other.

To encourage members to take a full and active part in the life of the church.

To demonstrate that Christianity is relevant to every aspect of life and to promote an understanding of the relevance of Christianity to World issues.

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